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Action N Bracelet t.1.10a by Action-N
Action N Bracelet t.1.10a
The latest and greatest version of my bracelet in 3D-printed TITANIUM!

It's secretly composed of adaptive nanotechnology, capable of changing size and shape to create a wide variety of equipment, including weapons and armor. Yeah. XD
Greetings, fellow Deviants!

I recently found this article/interview, which offers a very interesting explanation of the starship design process for Star Wars: The Old Republic. ->…

First of all, I'd like to state for the record that I think the X-70B Phantom-Class Prototype is one SEXY starship.

Second, I'd like to point out that before they even started exterior concept art, they came up with a design document listing gameplay goals and rooms/access points.  I mention this not only because it shows how professional the design team is for making sure that the inside of the starship actually fits inside the starship,  but also because it underscores an idea that I've been a firm believer in for quite a while - if you want to design something, start with the basics.

For example, if you're designing a firearm, then start with basic functionality - what it does, how it works, the size of the cartridge, that sort of thing.

It sounds like such a simple idea, but I'm continually surprised at just how many people don't subscribe to it.  I can't count the number of (insert plural noun here) that are so obviously designed to 'look cool' without any thought as to how they work inside.  Granted, some of those designs do look REALLY cool, but I can't help looking at them and asking questions about what's going on beneath the surface.

Am I advocating that every piece of artwork on DA should be completely logical?  Certainly not.  Half the fun of art is that it doesn't always need to make sense.  But if you're going to design something and claim that it exists, even if only in a fictional reality, then please make the effort to explain HOW and WHY it exists.  I don't care if the explanation is 'magic' or 'sufficiently advanced technology', but please don't just ignore the issue.  And please, please, PLEASE: check your spelling and grammar.

Herein ends my rant.

In other news, I've posted several new renders of Project Phantasm - section views this time - to show that I designed the exterior hull around an actual deck plan.  Nobody's calling me a hypocrite yet, but I'd like a little preexistent evidence to the contrary in case someone does.

Stay strange, fellow Deviants.

Action N
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Artist | Student | Varied
I am, at a glance: dreamer, writer, artist, engineer, loyal friend, hopeless romantic, science-fiction enthusiast, and architect of castles in the sky.

I’m a dreamer of things that are yet to be, asking “why not?” instead of “why?”

I’m a curious blend of artist and engineer; designing arsenals and armadas with mechanical drafting software, and heads-up displays in Flash. When I’ve got the time and inclination, I write poetry and fanfiction, too.

I pay more attention to Bumblebee than Megan Fox when I watch Transformers, and I literally flail with excitement when I watch Iron Man.

I’ve got your back if you’ve got my respect, but courtesy aside, you don’t get it unless you earn it.

I love science-fiction – Star Trek defines many of my ideals, Babylon 5 balances my hopes for the future with my concerns of the present, and through Malcolm Reynolds and Inara Serra, Firefly inspires me with the best and worst of love.

I collect unusual objects, have a fascination with weapons, and am rarely seen wearing anything but black.

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